There are hi-speed point and shoot cameras and then there is the Fastec TS3Cine.  While its form factor is anything but pocket sized, it boasts the awesome capability to capture 1280×1024 at 500fps.  Dial that down to 720p and you’ll achieve 720fps.  Serious slow-mo for the prosumer and at an HD resolution – that’s pretty unheard of.  Take it another resolution lower and you’ll achieve 20,000fps, though what that figure is is unknown.

Adding to the TS3Cine’s unorthodox qualities is a massive 7-inch LCD on its back.  Word is that the battery pack is good for up to 3 hours on a single charge and there are variety of recording options, which includes BMP, TIFF, DNG or JPG files, as well as AVIs.  In terms of storage there is always the requisite SD card slot, but that can serve as a back up as this kit includes two SSD options, 128GB and 256GB, the latter boasting a $2,000 premium on top of the $29,900 price tag.

Via: Ohgizmo


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