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iPhone 5 Larger Screen

Is this the iPhone 5 with a Larger Screen?


Don’t hold your breath on this rumor.  This is supposedly yet another shot of the iPhone 5.  Yup, the screen is larger and as you can see it runs to the edge of the device, unlike the iPhone 4, which has a thicker border.  As usual there is no way...

Zoom Q3HD Camcorder-2

Zoom Q3HD Camcorder Review


[rating: 3.5/5] Pros: Amazing audio quality for a camcorder Lightweight Easy to use and records full HD video Cons: Build feels a bit cheap Doesn’t include rechargeable batteries Screen is unremarkable With the proliferation of smartphone video cameras, most now reaching 720p HD quality, it’s anyone’s guess why one would invest...


iMac Refresh Coming Soon?


It’s not a question of if but when Apple will refresh their line of iMacs.  Now a report by way of 9to5Mac indicates that Apple will probably begin shipping an updated version of the all-in-one computer, which is said to include Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt connectivity, in the...

Wii 2 E3

Nintendo Wii 2 Confirmed, See it at E3 in June


Three days ago a new rumor emerged that Nintendo was feverishly working behind closed doors on the next gen Wii video game console.  At the time of the posting we had no official info to back up the claim.  But now Nintendo has made an official statement that they are...

white iPhone 4

Officially Spotted: White iPhone 4


Is this officially the white iPhone we’ve been waiting for?  Engadget seems to think so.  Supposedly a UK customer managed to get their mitts on one via a retail store.  Supposedly, the sales clerk rang it up as a black 16GB iPhone and shortly after Vodafone sent a notice instructing...

X-Men First Class

X-Men: First Class Trailer 2 Released (video)

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We’re straying a bit from our usual focus of gear and gadgets, but we thought you’d like to see the latest trailer for “X-Men 2: First Class”.  While we liked X-Men 1 and 2, 3 totally sucked, so here’s hoping.  Based on the trailer alone, though, it’s already looking far more...

Wii 2

Nintendo Wii 2 Rumors Emerge

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It’s been a few weeks, probably more than a month, since we’ve heard anything about the next generation Wii, the Wii 2.  It’s supposedly code named Project Café and includes a new fangled controller that sports a 6.2-inch touchscreen, two analog sticks, camera and 8 buttons.  However, this might not...


ARTAS: Hair Regrowth Machine


Hair loss regrowth, on a mythical level, is probably equitable to that of the Holy Grail.  And while there are a myriad of pills and shampoos available, none have achieved full hair regrowth and an alarmingly positive rate.  So can this machine, the ARTAS, actually succeed where pharmaceutical companies have...