Monthly Archives: April 2011

White iPhone 4

White iPhone Launch Date is Tomorrow, 4/28


Forever seems like an understatement at this point, but that’s how long it seems like it took for Apple to release the White iPhone 4.  But alas, the devoid of pigment handset will be available for purchase tomorrow, as we predicted.  Specs and hardware have remained the same, and since...

Gattling Gun Slingshot

Gatling Gun Slingshot, See It to Believe It (video)


What fires 20mm balls and is completely homemade?  Nope, not the $500 rubber band gun.  Jörg Sprave’s gatling gun sling shot.  It’s a completely hand crafted affair and works in the most rudimentary of ways.  A crank rotates the barrel and a small piece of wood forces the loaded ball...

Steve Jobs in Carbonite

Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone Case


Stars Wars paraphernalia.  Yeah, it sells like hot cakes and so does Apple gear.  So it was only a matter of time until someone combined the two.  The Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone case costs $35 and is available for the iPhone 4, 3G or 3GS.  It’s made of an impact resistant, flexible plastic,...

Powerskin for Android

PowerSkin Doubles Battery Life for Android Devices


Android devices are known for being power hogs, as are most smartphones.  Then fold in 4G connectivity and you’re pretty much screwed.  But if you’re willing to succumb to some added bulk wrapping around your handset, you could enjoy twice the battery life than you’re normally use to. Powerskin’s silicone...