NOOK Color by Barnes and Noble Wi-Fi eReader and Tablet

Barnes and Noble has a new low price for this NOOK Color by Barnes and Noble Wi-Fi eReader and Tablet which is only $249 + Free Shipping = $249!

If you thought the original NOOK reader was impressive then wait till you see the new NOOK color! Barnes and Noble has taken their famous eReader to entirely new levels and unlocked all the features you desire in a portable device such as this. Not only can you read from over 2,000,000 titles at your fingertips, but with the new color touch screen you have access to tons of games and apps as well as a fully featured Internet Browser! With full Flash support you can now enjoy all of the media and animated content the Internet has to offer and even view all of your favorite videos on YouTube and keep in contact with your friends and family on your favorite social networking sites. The NOOK isn’t just an eReader anymore, it’s a fully featured tablet!

Troy Coutu

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