Black DA is calling for a forward thinking iPhone case, that is in fact a camera, called the LEICA i9 concept.

At this point Leica nor Apple is signed on – no surprise there.  Unlike other iPhone cases, which have a 1-2 year shelf life, this concept wants to take advantage of the iPhone’s touchscreen and 3G connectivity.  In other words, it’s a stand alone camera, complete with its own image sensor and optical zoom lens.  It’s probably best to think of the iPhone as the medium, or in this case the film, though far more advanced.  Since the iPhone’s storage capacity is rather limited, the idea is that all images would be instantly uploaded to the web, at least that’s what we’re gleaning.

Black DA is pegging the cost in the neighborhood of $900-1200 and they say that the back dock, which houses the iPhone, will be upgradeable to match future iPhones.  There will of course be an accompanying app.

Via: Giz


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