HP is offering a discount on this HP Pavilion Elite HPE-570t (LC120AV) Desktop Computer!

Get big savings on a super powerful desktop computer today! The HP Pavilion Elite series of desktops offers the top dog performance you’ve been waiting for in a PC, and includes some of the most powerful components available at a super low price! You will get a super powerful Quad Core Sandy Bridge Intel Core i7-2600 Processor which can turbo up to 3.8Ghz for unsurpassed speed in all of your applications. It includes at least 8GBs of RAM so multitasking will be a non issue and a super powerful graphics card to supplement all of that power and easily chew through any High Definition content you can throw at it. It also includes a 1.5TB hard drive so you will have the storage for anything you could ever need without a problem. With a super discount like this now is the time to move into the new era of computing power.

The price comes to $1049.99 – $300 Coupon (DT1314) + Free Shipping = $749.99!

Troy Coutu

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