Bike garages are nothing new to Japan, as we saw a few years ago, but New York City is still kicking around the good old bike rack.  That is unless one design group, New York’s Manifesto Architecture, has their way.

They’re calling for a bike garage, named the Bike Hanger, that, as the picture details, fits next to a building.   Commuters ride in and hoist up the bike into what is a translucent holding bay.  To avoid the power requirements and significant infrastructure build out, riders will be required to jump on a stationary bike to energize the carousel system.  

We’re just left wondering how you retrieve your bike in an orderly fashion.  Our best guess?  Each bay is tagged with a number which is provided to the rider.  But since it’s a human powered system, the lines to collect your bike at quitting time would probably be horrendous.

Via: Gizmodo


Christen Costa

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