After putting the fans on a mission to recruit nearly a million ‘likes’ on FaceBook, EA DICE have released the eagerly awaited and hyped 12 minute game play trailer for Battlefield 3!

Dubbed ‘Fault Line,’ this trailer shows off the power of DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine, its impressive graphical capabilities as well as the true potential of their Destruction 3.0 system. The Striking Urban backdrop shown off at the beginning gives you a good idea about the realistic graphics and quickly changes into a chaotic warzone with everything from dust particles to shrapnel flying around. Buildings that once stood tall are reduced to a pile of rubble as you fight for your life against the insurgents in a clear ambush. One big thing to notice is that although we have our normal Middle East locale, it bears a striking difference to the cliche sands we’re used to seeing, with a full city complete with huge buildings towering into the sky and glittering in the sunlight.

Battlefield 3′s release date is yet unknown, but it is aimed for release this Fall. With the fan mission complete you can also take a look at another version of this trailer complete with Producer’s commentary here.

Troy Coutu

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