While Atari’s hay day has long passed, that hasn’t prevented the company from reissuing their games in the form of a Greatest Hits Collection app for all iOS devices.  The pack includes 18 classic arcade games and 82 Atari 2600 games.  All 100 games can be purchased for $14.99 or in blocks of 4, which include games of a similar ilk, for $0.99 each.  For example you can buy the “Super Breakout Pack”, which includes Super Breakout, Breakout, Off-the-Wall, and Circus Atari.  The app includes a free copy of Pong, the quintessential Atari game.

All of Atari’s games are designed work with the iCade, a once fictional, but now real product designed by Thinkgeek and soon to be available from audio peripheral maker ION Audio.


Christen Costa

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