Daily Archives: April 13, 2011

LA Noire

L.A. Noire Game Trailer #3 (video)


L.A. Noire‘s release is just over 30 days out and we can hardly contain our anticipation.  To further whet our appetites, Rockstar today released the third and presumably final trailer for the game, which releases on May 17th....


Flip Camcorders Are Dead, Long Live The Smartphone


Say goodbye to Cisco’s line of Flip Camcorders.  Yesterday, the company announced that they would discontinue the production of their handy, pocket sized camcorders.  Their official statement is that  they “will exit aspects of its consumer businesses and realign the remaining consumer business to support four of its five key...


Steve Jobs Official Biography Coming in 2012


Steve Jobs’ official, yes official, biography will hit retail shelves in early 2012.  It will be called iSteve: The Book of Jobs and will be published by Simon & Schuster.  What serparates this biography from past bioptic pieces is that Steve Jobs has agreed with its author, Walter Isaacson, to...


Superbus: A 155mph Extra Long Limo


The Superbus might be best branded a misfit given its unorthodox nature.  This massively long car, or bus, travels at a speed of  up to 155mph and is designed for cities that don’t want to invest in a permanent railway system.  Range is purported to be just over 125 miles. It measures...

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