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Blockbuster Dish Network

Dish Network Just Bought Blockbuster For $228 Million

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Dish Network just bought Blockbuster for $228 million in cash.  We can only assume that DirectTV is laughing their asses off, all the while scratching their heads. What the hell does Dish plan to do with 1,700 retail locations?  There’s no way they could break even on the investment by...

Hublot Key of Time Watch

Hublot’s MP-02 Key Of Time Watch Is Ludicrous

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Watches are designed to create a sense of grounding through their ability to tell, or convey time.  Hublot’s MP-02 Key of Time Watch seems to be anything but that.  The watch is finished with a black DLC coating on top of a titanium case and a rubber strap.  A “vertical tourbillon...