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Google Cloud Music Service

Google’s Cloud Music Service Leaked, You Can Download It Now


Google ain’t taking the news of Amazon’s recently launched Cloud Music player sitting down. Today, a new version of Android’s Music app, analogous to that of the player found in Honeycomb, was accidentally leaked to developers.  It includes a new rating system and options for what is purportedly Google’s cloud...

First Look: Seagate GoFlex Slim Hard Drive (video)

First Look: Seagate GoFlex Slim Hard Drive (video)

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[GR]S8vT5s5VCbI[/GR] Seagate’s GoFlex Slim hard drive is unbelievably slim (9mm) and sleek; just a tad thicker than a pencil.  But that’s not all.  It spins at 7200rpms, which is pretty uncanny for an external hard drive of this size, and it doesn’t require an AC plug.  The anodized finish not...


Bookseat: A Seat And Bookshelf In One


The Bookseat is quite simply a bookcase and a chair in one.  Toss in a pillow and a ottoman, and it might just serve as a comfy spot to cruise through a book or two.  From a design standpoint it’s a bit bold, but what we really like is the...

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