Daily Archives: April 4, 2011

Vizio 3D TV FPR

Vizio E3D320VX, E3D420VX 3D TVs Now Available For Preorder


Vizio’s latest 3D TVs, the E3D320VX (32-inch) and E3D420VX (42-inch), are now available for preorder from Amazon.  The world’s largest online retailer says the sets will ship in 3-5 weeks, where upon you should be able to find them at select retailers, with the added tax of course.  The 32-inch will...

Gun Leash

Gun Leash Shoots Your Pup Dead


Do you know any dog owners that wants to be mistaken for shooting their dog dead with a red laser beam?  This conceptual product from the mind of Art Lebedev seems to suggest so.  It’s actually a fun and novel idea, that is until you get gunned down by a...

GoPro 3D Camera Mount

GoPro 3D Helmet Camera Mount Now Available


GoPro now offers a 3D helmet mounting system that allows extreme sport enthusiasts to record full HD 3D footage.  While it costs just $99.99, you’ll need to own, or purchase two 1080p HD HERO cameras, each which cost $259.99.    An included synchronization cable connects the two cameras, which record...

7th gen iPod Nano

7th Gen iPod Nano Rumor Emerges, Camera On The Back


A rumor surfaced over the weekend that the next generation iPod Nano will include a camera on its back.  Given the iPod Nano’s form factor, which is no larger than a flip book of matches, the camera would be difficult to use without covering it up with your fingers, which...

NES in a cartridge

Nintendo Packed Inside Of A NES Cartridge (video)


The Nintendo Entertainment System is now 28 years old.  Can you believe it?  We can’t. Today, the hardware needed to produce the same gameplay and graphics has been shrunk to an uncanny size.  In fact it’s so small, it all fits inside of a NES cartridge, replete with AV and...

H20 Powered Shower Radio

Water Powered Shower Radio, Is It Real?


April Fools is just beyond us by a few days, so we’re taking the H2O Powered Shower Radio with a grain of salt.  If it is real, the radio promises to run, as in be powered from H20 alone. How’s it work?  Just install it in line with your shower hose...

Samsung Nexus S 4G Best Buy Ship Date

Samsung Nexus S 4G Shipping April 6th for $200


Samsung’s Nexus S 4G will be arriving on the Sprint network as of April 6th for $199.99 after a 2-year contract, at least according to Best Buy’s website.  Expect to pay $699.99 for just the handset; without contract. However, as of this posting the phone is no longer available for...