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Hipstamatic Releases Their Own iPhone Case, the Hipstacase


The Hipstamatic iPhone app has sold like hot cake.  So it’s no surprise to see the company release their own hardware, if you can call it that.  The HipstaCase looks to be a cosmetic play – it provides old school styling to the back of the iPhone – but with...

Subsonic Chair

Subsonic Subwoofer Chair Anyone?


Rumble packs, you know, that thing Nintendo invented?  It ain’t got nothing on the Subsonic Chair by Greg Ball.  The chair incorporates two 16-inch subwoofers.  You’ll probably need to bring your own amp, or at least that’s our assumption.  If not, then it’s badass. Read...

Toshiba Regza Tablet

Toshiba Regza Tablet Coming to Japan for $700, US Release TBD (video)


Toshiba, who hasn’t been at the forefront of the mobile movement, today officially released the Regza AT300 tablet.  It’s an Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) affair and sports a 10.1-inch 1280×800 “adaptive display” for a better contrast ratio in varied lighting. Under the hood is a 1Ghz Tegra 2 CPU, 1GB of...


HBO Go Launches in the Android & iOS App Store, Free


HBO Go just hit the Android and iOS app store.  What does that mean to you?  Well, provided you’ve got a subscription with a participating cable subscriber you’ll be able to access HBO programing directly on your mobile device using a WiFi or 3G connection.  1,400 HBO shows as well...


Redbox Launching Video Game Rentals June 17th


Redbox already owns over 30% of the DVD rental market and now they’re ready to officially launch into video games.  Starting on June 17,2011 they’ll begin to offer video game rentals at over 21,000 location.  Games will cost $2 a day, which is twice the cost of their DVD rentals...

Scosche freekey keyboard

Scosche freeKey Bluetooth Keyboard Resists Spills and Rolls Up for Travel (video)


Still hunting for the right Bluetooth keyboard to complement your tablet?  Today, Scosche dropped the rubbery, spill proof freeKEY Bluetooth keyboard on us.  It sports chiclet like keys and can be rolled up for easy storage. Presumably it’s pretty light weight and the silicone material should make it resistant to...

Nikon Synapse Watch

Nixon Synapse Watch is Sensitive…to the Touch


Watches, traditionally speaking, don’t have much of a place when it comes to a gadget blog.  But we’ll make an exception for Nixon’s Synapse watch. First and foremost it has a touchscreen interface that lets the user manage its functions.  Up to 4 different time zones can be displayed simultaneously...

Fidelio 8850

Philips Fidelio DS8550 Speaker Dock Review


[Rating: 4] Something was lost when music moved to a digital format. Not to MP3, but CDs. The move from cassette players to CD players practically killed the boombox. Sony’s disc Walkman put headphones in our ears, and since then the only place we share music is in the car....

LG Optimus Big

LG Optimus Big Smartphone Hitting Korean Market Tomorrow, Boasts Nova Display


4.3-inches is quickly becoming the standard for smartphone screen sizes.  At least that’s what many a smartphone manufacturer would have you believe when it comes to their Android powered handsets. Hitting the Korean market tomorrow is the LG Optimus Big.  On board is Android 2.2 with a slight LG twist,...


TS3Cine: An Almost Pocket Sized High Rez, High Speed Camera


There are hi-speed point and shoot cameras and then there is the Fastec TS3Cine.  While its form factor is anything but pocket sized, it boasts the awesome capability to capture 1280×1024 at 500fps.  Dial that down to 720p and you’ll achieve 720fps.  Serious slow-mo for the prosumer and at an...

110 Compression Wear

110% Play Harder: Compression Clothing with Built-in Ice Slots


Compression gear is designed to prevent muscle vibration and increase endurance.  While the benefits of such clothing are debatable, 110% Play Harder compression gear is taking it to new levels. Instead of just protecting athletes during play, their line of shorts and shirts help with recovery after a long and...