Got any plans to enter a burning building?  Yes, we’re talking to you Mr. Fireman or the guy (or gal) that has a tendency to crash race cars filled to the brim with rocket fuel.

This suit can protect its users for up to 12 seconds in excess of 1,800 degrees F.  That isn’t to say you won’t suffer second degree burns, but that’s a small price to pay seeing at today’s fire retardant suits would result in a firey death in as little as five seconds.

The suit is designed by Lamination Technologies of Pennsylvania.  It uses artificial fibers spun into a fire-proof yarn that can be exposed to flames and no matter what won’t light on fire.  Course, as we already pointed out, the temperature on the inside of the suit will rise to a deathly high level and burn it’s victim into a crisp, provided the exposure is long enough.

Lamination Technologies is currently working on a race car version of the suit to be worn by the driver of the 1,000 MPH Bloodhound rocket car.

Via: Gizmodo


Christen Costa

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