On March 5th, a team of scientists, engineers and two hot air balloon pilots put a house into a space.

Okay, so we’re exaggerating a bit, but nonetheless they managed to lift a house 10,000 feet above the ground using 300 8-foot colored weather balloons.  The house measures 16×16-feet and is 18-feet tall.  If the scene looks familiar, that’s because you saw it performed in Pixar’s “Up”, an animated film.

The event, or stunt, was part of How Hard Can It Be?, a show that will air on the National Geographic channel sometime this fall.  Sure makes for a great promotional tool as well, don’t it?

Course, the house was empty and built specifically for this stunt, unlike the house in “Up”, which contained the old man’s valuables, in addition to insulation, a foundation and more.  Still, it’s an impressive feat.


Christen Costa

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