It would seem like Tesla’s Model S EV can’t arrive soon enough.

While we knew pricing for the vehicle would be about $50,000 after US tax credits, we didn’t know the launch schedule or what else we should expect in terms of class options.  Now the company’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Ownership Experience, George Blankenship, has loosened his lips and spilled some beans on the upcoming all electric car.

The Model S will arrive mid-2012.  The first 1000 cars off the line will be the North American Model S Signature Series.  These vehicles will be packed with a 300 mile range battery and feature unique badging along with extensive complement of options.  Come late 2012, Tesla will deliver the models that provide a 230 and 160 mile range.  Pricing for those units be $59,900 and $49,900 after the $7500 federal tax credits, though they haven’t made an official decision in terms of pricing for the signature series.

Tesla expects to roll out 5,000 units in 2012 and ramp up to 20,000 units per year by 2013.


Christen Costa

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