Tigerdirect is offer a coupon deal on this Microsoft Zune EHD-00001HD 16GB MP4 Player!

If you’re looking for the full media experience in the palm of your hands then the Zune HD MP4 player is for you! The Zune HD features 16GBs of space to play all of your high quality music and video files and take them with you anywhere on the go! The Zune Store is built right in so all you need to do is connect to the internet and you can immediately download and stream music from the store without having to rely on a computer at all! Enjoy the freedom of having the full Wi-Fi experience in the palm of your hands, the large 3.3-Inch OLED 480 x 272 screen gives you full access to the internet to browse wherever you want using the innovative Touch screen with QWERTY keyboard. The Zune HD comes in a sleek and stylish design and weighs only 2.6 ounces so you can take it anywhere without issue!

The deal comes to $169.99 – $30 Coupon (CES23590) + $1.99 Shipping = $141.98!

Troy Coutu

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