TigerDirect is offering a deal on this Logitech Revue (970-000001) Wireless Google TV Companion Box!

This very handy gadget can turn your TV into a complete media device. Simply connect it to your High Definition TV via HDMI while the Revue connects to the internet via wifi or ethernet and now your TV is transformed by Google! With this you can watch anything from the web that you desire, from YouTube to Netflix and beyond. It also allows full web browsing which brings the entire internet into your living room!

The Logitech Revue includes hundreds of apps with new ones being added all the time that make new and convenient ways to access all sorts of media from the internet and constantly updates! The Revue brings multi-tasking to another level with the ability to watch TV and browse the internet at the exact same time so you will never miss a beat! It also automatically updates so you never have to worry about being out of date!

The Revue is controlled with a full wireless keyboard with many different media buttons to control your video and even a track pad! This allows you an easy and full web browsing experience with full control like any notebook or computer interface, but also the ability to control your TV and videos at the same exact time. As time goes on the Revue gets better as well, due to the growing connectivity to other devices such as camcorders and smartphones such as Android and iPhone so you can stream your video from anywhere.

The Final Price is $249.99 – $30 coupon (KYO22819) + Free Shipping = $219.99!

Troy Coutu

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