HTC Thunderbolt Release Date Pegged For March 21st, Or Not

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HTC Thunderbolt
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24 Comments to HTC Thunderbolt Release Date Pegged For March 21st, Or Not

  1. Available tomorrow. Received a call from Best Buy about 30 minutes ago and I have a scheduled appointment to pick up the phone @ 10:30 AM.

  2. Dtjtwobabyboys

    They could of released both thunderbolt and the stupid IPad 2 and people are still gonna buy what they want…..

  3. would've loved the Thunderbolt in Q1… now with Q2 approaching… chances are I'll bypass and wait for the next best thing… $600 in Q1 = $400 in Q2… not worth it anymore!

  4. Dtjtwobabyboys

    All this CRAP with verizon errrrr they just need to release the phone already…… The iPhone is not all that!

  5. Eighty-Five Forty-One

    I, like many others, have been waiting anxiously to use an upgrade (R.I.P 'New Every Two') for quite a while now. I usually keep my phones for well over a year, so when the time finally comes for an upgrade I like to make sure that I get the “latest and greatest” phone available on the shelf. I passed on the iPhone because there was nothing “great” about it, and the stats on the Thunderbolt, which was rumored to be released just days after, overshadowed those of the iPhone in almost ever aspect. Several weeks and rumored release dates later, and there's STILL no Thunderbolt. The next rumored release date is another 10 days away. I suppose we're all at fault for falling into the trap of listening to rumors from unreliable sources, but if the 21st comes and goes without the release of a Thunderbolt I'm going to be pissed. I'll hold out for the Bionic just to spite Verizon and HTC.

  6. What sucks is verizon is getting what they want, the people who are sick of waiting end up buying iPhones

    • your right i preordered the thunderbolt i canceled the order waiting for the duelcore phones the motorol bonic

  7. y is everyone so serious? Wow… lol. Anyways, I just wanted to comment on the last few sentences where it stated that the iPad well over shadow the thunderbolt. Lol… PLEASE. It's the other way around. Thy don't want another poor sales by the supposedly almighty MAC. If the thunderbolt came out this week with the iPad. Kiss the iPad sales bye bye!

    • gadgetreview

      I gotta disagree. Apple products are massive and hence casting the biggest shadow. Even if Verizon wasn't selling the iPad 2 it would make sense for them to hold off.

  8. “Verizon may have decided it was best to not let the tablet over shadow the Thunderbolt’s release.”

    –Strike that. Reverse it. They didn't want the TB overshadowing that precious i*ad2.

  9. Firebirduo

    Real 4g isnt even out yet. T moble has HSPA+, ect. The LTE- Advanced and WiMax2 will be 4g, and that is only in the beginning stages. To a point, only the 4g network availability is in Washington DC, Atlanta, and a few other larger cities. Verizon still has the best coverage IMO and the real 4g network will be first released on this carrier. Do a bit of research on what 4g is before you blab your un-educated insults, thanks.

  10. I have had an upgrade since november … sick of waiting so …. I'm leaving the network for the htc evo … its the same phone

    • gadgetreview

      The Evo's battery is terrible. Leave 4G turned on and you're lucky if you get the better part of day light. Off and it's still an issue. At least that's what friends have told me that own the phone, who by the way carrier around a charger at all times.

  11. Kc Addison

    reporting on rumors about a phone is not quite the same as false reporting on issues of world importance.. you need to get some perspective u dope.

    in any event heres to hoping the phone comes out within the next 14 days or so. i am sittin on an upgrade waiting for this thing.

  12. Note VZ stock down again as I predicted it would slide earlier this week as Stockholders realize VZ is pretending to have 4G when they don't and they are so far behind the other carriers who carry several 4G phones for their customers while VZ has ZERO 4G phones and no predicted date when they will.

    • Please point out ANY carrier that has a 4G phone. Just because a vendor is calling their phone 4G doesn't make it so. Even verizon's network will be well below the official specs of what 4G is when it is finally release. But according to what specs and bandwidth test have been published, verizon will have the fastest 4Gish network in the country.

      • 4G represents 4th Generation, there isn't a standard. T'mobile, AT&T and Sprint sell 4th generation phones. Amazing how Vz. claims to be fastest when they have not released phones to test against the ones that have been out for 6 months and more. Watch what VZ says because it is always carefully worded like that they have the largest 4G network in the world, that includes their network in Japan. They have the most users so they can make a lot of claims like reaching more customers though others may have broader reach. Tmobile claims the largest 4G in America. Read up on them, you may be surprised. While not for me, I know lots of customers who are thrilled.

        • Yes, Verizon claims 90 million subscribers. Do you believe 1 in 3 people (man, woman and child) in the USA have verizon service? I don't think so.

    • VZ has the ONLY true 4G speed network available you dolt. LTE, long term evolution is true next gen speed, about ten times faster than current 3G networks, Sprints Wimax, only slightly faster than 3G, ATT and Tmobile's HSPA +, is just that (HSPA is the current 3G then tweek it a little with a + and call it 4G) the latter two companies will be going to LTE in a year or two but VZ has it NOW… and in like 40 markets with triple that annouced to be completed this year at CES on jan 7th. Know the facts Bill…

      • They have the worst coverage in the markets where they have lte it makes springs Wimax look like a complete laid out network. Any ways it don't matter your bound to run into issues like only having “4g” but not being able to call some one cause ur in a building where u cant get 3g with t-mobile and ATT it may not give scores like versions empty network but atleast u don't have to try to find a reasonable way to hold ur phone to get service

  13. I wish someone would report FACTS and not RUMORS. There have been too much false rumors. Reporters should only report facts. Imagine if you reported on a food shortage coming on March 21, that is the same irresponsibility. This is typical, the writer heard from someone else who probably heard from someone else. I read the news to learn facts.

    • gadgetreview

      Agreed, but last we checked your survival wasn't dependent on your consumption of tech. Or is it ;)?

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