We looked at the Smartfish Whirl Laser Mouse last year and were quite fond of it’s ergonomic design and how great we felt after using it. But what about making that same design on a smaller scale? Say, for portable use with a laptop? So the company sent over their new Whirl Mini, and here’s our first look.

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Like the larger Whirl, the Mini is a wireless mouse which connects with a simple USB dongle and markets itself as an ergonomic mouse. The big differentiator between this and the full-size version is that it’s for travel, which should be great for users who live on the road and work out of a laptop, even 30% of the time. Why? Well, keeping your hand on the trackpad can be a pain and a half, and using a wireless mouse is almost always a better idea even when on the road.

While I’ll go over exactly how the Smartfish Whirl Mini performs in our full review, using it off-hand had some immediate issues. It doesn’t always feel stable, and the small size only magnifies that problem. The dongle has a special spot inside the mouse, between the two AAA batteries in an enclosure, but that enclosure isn’t always a snap to open up. I had to break it in, so to speak, to get in and out of it without looking like Zoolander and Hansel getting files. But I’ll have full impressions of the mouse, as stated earlier this paragraph, in the full review.

James Pikover

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