Heads up AT&T broadband users. The company will soon implement a 150GB monthly usage cap for all DSL customers and a 250GB cap on all U-Verse users starting as of May 2nd.  As early as March 18th, customers will begin to receive notices informing them of the changes to their broadband plan.

While the fees aren’t gut wrenching – $10 for every 50GB over the 150GB or 250GB limit – it’s a darn good reason to take your business elsewhere.  And while most people won’t exceed the bandwidth cap – reportedly just 2% will exceed these amounts – it’s probably the last thing you want to think about while streaming a Netflix movie.  However, there is an allowance.  AT&T will only charge users that exceed the bandwidth cap three times over the life of their account.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the growing trend amongst data providers.  AT&T Wireless was one of the first to discontinue their all you can eat data plan for the iPhone.  At the time of doing so, they tried to sooth customer concerns by pointing out that most users won’t exceed the data cap, all the while lowering the price of the service.  But over time data demands will grow since the services that we subscribe to, such as Netflix, Amazon VOD and others will grow in popularity and quality, thus demanding more bandwidth.


Christen Costa

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