Apple events are one of the holy grails of the technology community.  Everyone wants in, but space is always limited.  Fortunately, they’ve made a concerted effort in recent to post the events online just days after so us gentiles can watch Steve and co work their magic.   Below is the iPad 2 event in full so enjoy.

On another note Fortune has an interesting piece that exposes just how bloated the presentation was in terms of stats and market position.  While we haven’t confirmed every claim on Fortune’s behalf, many of you are already aware of the mis-translated quote from a Samsung VP during the event, which was outright incorrect and has been corrected weeks before.

Checkout the full article here if you’re looking for some Apple bashing.

Samsung executive Lee Young-hee said Galaxy Tab sales were “quite smooth,” according to a recording of the company’s conference call with analysts. This post relied on a transcript of the call, which quoted her erroneously as saying they were “quite small.” Samsung said the transcript, done by a third party and initially cited by a company spokesman, has since been corrected.

Christen Costa

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