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HTC Incredible 2

Incredible 2 Specs Leak Out, No Word On Launch

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Listen up Android fans. This is HTC’s Incredible 2.  There is no word on a launch date or price.  But Verizon should carry the phone, which sports Android 2.3 with Sense, a 4-inch super LCD WVGA screen, a rear facing 8 megapixel camera, front facing 1.3 megpixel camera, 1Ghz Qualcomm...

Nike Air Max Junk Art Shoe

2011 Nike Air Max Crafted From Computer Parts Is Gorgeous


When we think of Finish Line employees we think of retired high school athletes with no artistic prowess.  Boy, we couldn’t have been more wrong. Gabriel Dishaw of Indianapolis created these Nike Airmax 2011 sneakers using “a motherboard, an old typewriter case, a USB port, chipsets, power connectors and even...