Daily Archives: March 8, 2011


Samsung Modus 6450 Bluetooth Headset Is Workout Ready


Samsung’s Modus 6450 Bluetooth headset made its debut today.  It’s not just your garden variety headset as it can be manipulated using an accompanying Android app and has a port for plugging in a stereo headset for listening to tunes. The Android app will support voice command functionality and let users modify...

USB Flash Drive NES

NES Flash Drive Mod Is Awesome, You’re Gonna Want One


Instructuable’s user “Fungus Amungus” just wasn’t satisfied with his USB flash drive setup.  So like any good tinkerer he (or she) disassembled a NES cartridge and then retrofitted an 8GB flash drive in place of the chip. But the wow doesn’t stop there.  His next step was to convert the...

Jawbone Era-1

Jawbone Era Review


[rating: 4.5/5] Pros: Excellent sound quality and noise cancellation Feature rich with more options to come in the future Light weight and not too dorky Cons: Expensive; $129.99 Difficult to find a comfortable fit despite a myriad of included earbud sizes An Era is defined as a “a period marked...