Samsung Focus Review

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Samsung Focus
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Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

4 Comments to Samsung Focus Review

  1. This was a well written review and matches my own experience so far. I have had the Samsung Focus for a couple of months now and it continues to amaze me. In support of the first commenter, I can't stress enough how great the app store is already. The apps are all brand new and optimized for the better hardware. Microsoft has signed up a huge number of developers and new apps come in at a far greater rate than you can try them. Most also come with a free trial which is very helpful.

    I also want to mention that the camera can be turned on with the screen locked. This means you have a the camera turned on, photo taken and uploaded to Skydrive/Facebook before any other platform even has their camera turned on. With video, the default setting is for low quality but you can overide it and set it to HD which is pretty good. I am hoping for an update that allows saved settings or presets.

    I haven't done much gaming since the days of the pinball arcade(yes, a long time ago!). The gaming experience on the Focus paired with WP7 has brough me out of gaming retirement. Even my IPOD worshipping son puts it away and grabs my phone to play games every chance he gets as the gaming experience is just that good.

  2. Darrenparker

    Good review but you think the app store is barren ? there are almost 8000 apps right now and hundreds more added every day. All the important apps are there including a massive amount of very awesome games that have been ported from Xbox that you cannot find on an iPhone

    • When compared to the iPhone and Android app stores, it is, but WP7's Marketplace is growing at a pretty good rate. Thankfully much more support for it than the Palm Pre ever had. I'm still struggling to find really decent apps though, and in the future we will be putting up app reviews for new apps on WP7.

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