They said iPad stand. I thought, hey, looks more like a sattelite dish, but what do I know. And it turned out to be the most useful iPad stand I had laid eyes on.

Invented, or designed, if you will, by Jim Young and Bernie Graham, independent designers both, the PadPivot was meant from day one to balance itself on your leg when you sit down and thus support your iPad. And with an adjustable head, you’re not going to be confined by viewing angles.

All white and gray, nothing about its look clashes with that of the iPad, and a non-slip grip means you can use it even when your significant other is on your left, at the wheel, navigating dunes in the Sahara.

Pledge $25 for the project at KickStarters, and you’ll get your PadPivot when it reaches production stage, and you’ll even get some accessories with it, like the Tether Strap (for “Extreme Gaming”) and the Grip Plate Protector.