Tablets rock, no doubt about that, but if you’re a note taker at heart then they’re probably a bit too much kit for you.  The Noteslate, which we have to emphasize as a CONCEPT ONLY, as you probably deduced, is designed purely for taking notes and making scribbles.

The design calls for a 1-bit screen that measures 13-inches across or the equivalent size of a standard piece of paper.  When and if it does launch, they’ll be a few options in terms of screens: black text on a white screen, white text on a black screen or white, red, blue, or green on a black screen.  Three buttons ‘save current screen’, ‘delete current screen’, and ‘view previous screen and an SD card as well as USB input are available for transferring files to and from the computer.  A magnet keeps the stylus in place and they say it will achieve 180 hours of use on a single charge.

The designer plans to release it June of this year with an expected retail price of $99.

Via: Designboom


Christen Costa

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