Update: Apple just announced the new Macbook Pros for 2011.

At this point it’s pretty darn obvious that Apple will be announcing a Macbook Pro refresh in the next week or so.  But what we still don’t know, and most certainly don’t have any leaked images to tell us, is what new features the shiny new beasts will boast.  BGR says they’ve got a source on the inside and this is what they’re reporting.

The glass trackpad will grow in size, but that’s the least interesting part.  Supposedly Apple will include an 8-16GB SSD with every Macbook Pro, which is said to support the operating system of the computer while the regular spinning hard drive will still be used for storing media, files and all your other stuff.  This makes sense since Apple’s Tim Cook recently implied that all future Macbooks will include an SSD.  In theory this would vastly increase start-up times and we suppose some other backend stuff.  Sounds pretty good to us.  Lastly, the next gen Macbook Pros will cut weight by a half a pound on all skus.

Image courtesy of 37prime


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