LifeProof iPhone 4 Case Makes Your Handset Sake Bomb Safe, Just 1.6mm Thick (video)

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Lifeproof iPhone 4 Case
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5 Comments to LifeProof iPhone 4 Case Makes Your Handset Sake Bomb Safe, Just 1.6mm Thick (video)

  1. Way overrated unless you don’t use your phone to make calls. The sound quality is so poor it makes using the phone totally aggravating. As much as I love the security of the case, the fact that I can’t hear calls well and have far less sensitivity and accuracy on the touch screen are deal breakers. Plus, when I contacted the company to return it, there’s a 15% “restocking” fee! All together, this product and service have been a total disappointment!

  2. I have one of these cases and have to say I love it! The screen protector is quite amazing my phone rubs on the zipper of my handbag and it looks like I just took it out of the box, this case is pretty tough! It also takes a bit (couple of days) to get used to having to give a bit more touch to the thing.. just a slightly heaver touch, just push thru and after a couple of days you won’t notice anymore, it just becomes normal.  The only real complaint I have is how hard it is to hear a phone conversation unless I have my bluetooth in, or if you open the charger door with the phone on speaker.  Also I put a small piece of cloth on the backside of the phone in the case due to the buzzing it created.  A couple of small sacrifices for knowing I wont have another phone end up with water damage!

  3. Mr. Da Costa,
    How about a real review now? I thought so–you put out a vague piece of information and fail to follow-up for your readers.  Let me put into your words–“we’re a bit skeptical” about your article since you don't have the product in your hands.

  4. Docentnl

    I think there is no scam here since their website merely asks you to preorder by registering. No payment involved. I resent the hasty judgement here. Be more careful, write more carefully.

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