With most, if not all iPhone cases that provide superior protection comes the caveat of added bulk.  And by added bulk we mean an unsightly bulge in your pocket.

The iPhone 4 LifeProof case however, sports a full IP-68 military rating yet only adds 1.5mm of thickness to your Apple handset.  While we’re always skeptical about submerging any electronic device, the maker says that it can withstand 6.6 feet of water in addition to a 6.6 foot drop to the ground.  They’ve even got an optional adapter that allows the use of waterproof headphones.  

But, one thing.  The iPhone 4 Lifeproof case is under production.  So yes, we’re a bit skeptical since they might be trying to draw enough preorders to fund the case’s development, but I suppose it might be worth the leap of faith, especially seeing as your credit card will surely refund you if the case never sees the light of day.  Perhaps they’d be kind enough to send us a prototype – hint, hint.

Via: iPhoneguru and Gizmodo


Christen Costa

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