Killzone 3 Review

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KZ3 Helghast Title
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2 Comments to Killzone 3 Review

  1. Beta is excellent. And for writing nonsense proclaiming that Nintendo won this generation of gaming, when it's not even halfway done yet is just silly.

    PS3 is just getting starting. Xbox and Wii are pretty much burnt out (literally in the case of the Xbox).

  2. Get real. I am a fan of games. Killzone 2 was an amazing fps that got mediocre scores. I guess this time around is no different. It gets no marks for its graphical prowess, its absolute immersive gameplay, the grittiness, its ability to implement 3D or move support, as u mentioned quite well. Nope, give it a menial 80, and go peer back up ur black Olson or halo, the greatest games ever made. While i will say black ops story was entertaining, halos story is overrated. I haven't played k3 yet other than the beta, but i guess 60 minutes of cutscenes didn't hell at all. Yeah, I'd love it if there story did more to highlight the brutal nature of being trapped on a planet fighting for your very next breath. But, i will tell ya this, what the story may lack, it makes up for in gameplay, as k2 made me feel as though i was there, not just participating in some science fiction screenplay. It escapes me how cod and halo can simply retreading game after game and Garner such praise and high scores without doing much of anything new, but a hyper realistic and gorgeous game with 3D and move gets an 80. Also, i guess having the smartest AI of any shooter today counts for nothing either. But its ok, in November I'm sure u will have another halo and definitely another cod to play. And u could probably write the review for those tomorrow.

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