JVC is busting out the heavy artillery in the prosumer niche, wih a Full HD 3D camcorder that comes with 64GB of internal Flash memory and a 5x optical zoom, and costs $1699.

The zoom itself is no small fear for a 3D camcorder, and with a very luminous F1.2 twin lens, the GS-TD1B is sure to stand out. Playback on the 3.5 inch LCD is in 3D,without any funky glasses needed.

With the widest angle on the lenses being 29.5mm, and image stabilization for both 2D and 3D, two CMOS sensors allow for 1920×1080 recording with a 34Mbps bitrate in 3D, and 24Mbps 2D bitrate.

But what I’d really like to see is one of these 3D camcorders offering to use both sensors and lenses for side-by-side recording in 2D, with a very wide aspect and higher resolution.