Ricoh’s CX5 shooter boasts a 10 megapixel sensor, 10x optical zoom and a 3-inch 920k LCD screen.  Out of the box I noticed just how light the camera is, despite the fact that it isn’t the slimmest of point and shoots available on the market today.  It can capture 720p HD video and has a myriad of scene options for whatever scenario you toss at it.  

This version, the CX5, is the follow up to the CX4 and boasts a faster auto focus time that Ricoh says is twice as expediant.  While I can’t testify to that since I never used the CX4, I can say the CX5, so far, takes sharp and crisp pictures.  They’ve also packed the camera with their super -resolution feature, which is some properitary tech which, “discerns outlines, details, and gradations in the image automatically and processes the images based on the optimal setting for each”.

The UI of the CX5, which is essentially white text on a black background, leaves something to be desired, but is functional nonetheless.  The overall construction of the camera is solid, the zoom trigger is a bit cheap feeling and would probably be the first thing to break.   And while there is a mini-HDMI port, Ricoh has opted for a one off USB interface, which effectively means it’s not as eco friendly as it could have been if they had opted for mini-USB.

As always, expect a review of the CX5 in a few weeks time.  Until then hit the video and check the pics below (click on them for full rez).

Christen Costa

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