Update: Checkout our Razer Ferox review.

You’re probably asking yourself, why would anyone want portable speakers? Just grab some headphones or earphones and go. No need to carry extra stuff when on the go. But I’d disagree, especially now that I spend more time out of my office, working and playing from the road. That’s why Razer built the Ferox, for people who use headphones so much but don’t want to be forced into using them for everything.

Hit the jump for the unboxing video.

After just a few minutes of use, I instantly liked the Ferox. They are, from my first impressions, exactly what you’d want to replace headphones. They’re small, lightweight, easy to set up and they provide good audio. Actually, I first accidentally hit the sweet spot and sound was overlapping itself (a 1 in a million chance, but not completely unexpected all things considered). That was coincidentally a good thing, because it reminded me of the omni-directional design, which allowed me to turn the speakers in any direction and the sound is still very good.

Unlike most speakers, which are made to play in one direction (forward), both the Razer Ferox and larger, more professional Mako speaker systems use a circular shape to send music in all directions. This design also allows for better bass control within the speaker itself, which is excellent for the Ferox since no one will carry a subwoofer around just for those heavy bass moments. I’ll test the bass, along with a full writeup on the sound quality, in the full review.

It was actually quite surprising how quickly I started the Ferox up. I literally shot the above unboxing video and within ten minutes had them functioning on my desk. Just plug them in, pop the speakers up and a blue light underneath both speakers gently lights up to tell you that each is on. That’s it! The USB cable is only for charging, so the Ferox does not rely on USB audio, which is great for anyone using a portable USB soundcard for their laptops.

And from a good twenty minutes of music and editing the above video, I can say with absolute certainty that I like the Ferox! I mean, they aren’t on par with the Makos – nor should they be…those are $300+ speakers – but the sound quality has so far been great.

Stay tuned for the full review, where we’ll try these bad boys out in real, live public places, on the road, at home and everywhere, and pit them against some good headsets and other speaker systems.

The Razer Ferox speakers are available for purchase on Amazon right now, though they are on back order direct from Razer.

James Pikover

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