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Under Armour E39 Shirt

Under Armour E39 Electronic Shirt Detects Heart Attacks In Athletes While In Play, Also Helps Them Improve Their Game (video)

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For the last few years the word “accelerometer”  has become synonymous with Smartphones.  But now the tech is taking a jump into clothing thanks to the innovative folks at Under Armour. They’ve developed a shirt called the E39, which combines a 4.5oz electronic monitor with their compression shirt tech.  It measures everything...

Kindle 3G

Kindle 3G Coming To AT&T Stores, Their First E-Reader


Amazon is looking to increase sales of its Kindle 3G and has signed a deal with AT&T to distribute the device through the carrier’s stores starting March 6th for $189. Nope, you won’t get a price break if you’re an AT&T customer and nor is their anything special about this...

iPhone 5 Screen

Is This The iPhone 5’s Large And In Charge Screen?


Will the iPhone 5 have a larger screen?  Seems logical, right? According to a Chinese site that resells iPhone parts this is the iPhone 5’s digitizer panel.  It took us a sec, but look closely and you’ll notice that the edges, or borders, have been reduced; less black.  While official...

Nintendo 3Ds Tear Down

Nintendo 3DS Disassembled, Battery Is User Replaceable


Over the weekend the Nintendo 3DS officially went on sale in Japan (it arrives in the US March 27th).  And not more than a few days later it has been torn apart and partially examined.  We’re not surprised, since this is the inevitable fate for all popular devices, especially ones...

HTC T-Mobile HD7

HTC HD7 Review


[Rating: 2.5] HTC’s HD7 is the second Windows Phone 7 device I’ve had the pleasure of testing, and it’s vastly different in form and function from the Samsung Focus, my previously tested WP7 handset. The HD7 is bigger, bolder, and on T-Mobile instead of Ma Bell. It’s HTC’s current flagship...