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Thodio iBox

Thodio iBox Drips In Wood Awesomeness, Weighs 12lbs


If Thodio’s A-Box was a bit too rugged for your metrosexual like tendencies, than you might wanna take a gander at the iBox.  It uses the same port and speaker design, but instead of using an ammo box you can choose from oak, teak, mahogany, zebrawood, purpleheart or other types...

Xoom Price

Motorola Xoom Receives On Contract Price Of $599.99


We already knew that Motorola’s Xoom would sell off contract for $799.99.  But what about those of you that are willing to sign on the proverbial dotted line?  We now know that the Xoom will go for $599.99 after a 2-year contract signing.  Verizon’s 3G data service will begin at...

Razer Ferox

Razer Ferox Review

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[Rating: 4] Portable speakers, eh? How about that. It’s been years since I first started reviewing hardware and tech, and this is the first set of portable speakers I’ve ever tested. The Razer Ferox is certainly a neat little bundle to start with, but what’s the point of portable speakers?...

HTC Desire

HTC Desire Review


[Rating: 4] Names say a lot about who we are, or what something is. It’s just a simple one or two words which identifies everything, without defining. And yet, a weird name arouses suspicion, ridicule, laughter, and many other instantaneous reactions. That may be judgmental human nature, so why, knowing...