Daily Archives: February 4, 2011

LED Cube Light

LED Cube Lights Up Your Desktop


Who knows why you’d need the LED Cube, but does it really matter?  It cycles through a variety of colors using 64 individual LED lights to produce up to 1000 different colors.  Useless, yes, but it will surely add some much need pizazz to your boring and cold desktop. In...

RAT 9 Pro

Mad Catz RAT 9 Review


[Rating: 4/5] When I reviewed the RAT 7, I was impressed. It’s a great mouse, but I always knew that Mad Catz was holding back. The company did so, of course, to make the RAT 9. But the RAT 7 was so good! What else could be done to make...

Samsung Focus

Samsung Focus Review


[Rating: 5/5] The Samsung Focus. It’s a phone’s phone. That’s partly thanks to Windows Phone 7. The Microsoft operating system makes it a proper calling device first, apps secondary, and that’s refreshing compared to app-filled screens from competing phone makers. Instead, we just buy and play apps, send emails and...