ThinkGeek TK-421 Bluetooth Keyboard For iPhone Review

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ThinkGeek Tk-241 Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone
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4 Comments to ThinkGeek TK-421 Bluetooth Keyboard For iPhone Review

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  2. Katiecameronn

    I have had the TK-421 keyboard for a month now. I really like the idea of a tactile keyboard, but I am starting to think there are more negatives with it, than positives. I am constantly having to pair the keyboard with my iPhone 4 (so, you are constantly going into Settings on your phone and going through the whole process of connecting to Bluetooth to just get a one word text reply to someone. Once it is paired and supposedly charged, I can only send about 4 text messages and the charge is gone. It needs to be charged for 3 hours! So, 3 hours of charging for 3 text messages which was the situation the other night. When you charge the keyboard, a red light appears showing it is currently charging, and the red light is supposed to turn off after it is completely charged. Well, after about 10 mins., the red light goes off, so it can’t be fully charged yet, as it states it takes 3 hours to charge the keyboard. Sometimes the keyboard just goes funky and starts typing letters going across and won’t stop at all. The on/off switch cannot be switched with your finger. You need to use a pen tip to do it. You cannot see the keyboard keys unless you are in full light. The keyboard is black with no backlighting. So, if you are in dim light, like inside a car or at a restaurant or bar, forget it. I am hoping that ThinkGeek updates this model keyboard. Oh, and get rid of the useless Ctrl and Alt keys, we don’t need them with the iPhone.

  3. I purchased one and am ready to send it back. The keyboard refuses to stay paired with my phone. The on/off switch is in a horrible place and the fact that I keep having to turn it on and off to activate the bluetooth blue light is dumb. The little button that's supposed to start the pairing, doesn't do anything. I'm sending mine back to ThinkGeek.

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