Stelton Black Knives Are Surely Dexter’s Kill Weapon, If Not, He’s Missing Out

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Stelton Black Knives
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5 Comments to Stelton Black Knives Are Surely Dexter’s Kill Weapon, If Not, He’s Missing Out

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  2. Looking at these knives, I can't help but be visually overwhelmed as I am sure that many of you are as well. However, the more thought that I had put into whether or not they were really an improvement upon the standard riveted handle high carbon steel found in most all kitchen knives the more I thought less about their appearance. Granted, they are visually stunning – But, being somewhat of an connissuer of the culinary arts myself I have come upon the realization that there are two things to consider when purchasing any knife. First and foremost, do you enjoy holding the knife — in other words is it comfortable? Secondly, how sharp is this knife – and how long will it remain that sharp? These knives do not look very comfortable – the handle does not appear to be rounded enough and it looks as though holding this knife for long periods of time would result in great discomfort in your hand. As for the non slip coating – if you are a chef hopefully you know how to properly hold a knife and obviously are skilled with one – it seems useless to me and I would think it would be apt to flaking and chipping unless it is magnetically adhered. I say – skip them and buy something a little more practical.

    • gadgetreview

      Neil, excellent and well written points. I'm a fan of Wusthof. To your point, while I like the look of the Global knives I find them exceedingly uncomfortable to hold and don't like the balance. Nonetheless, I'd still like to get my hands on these for a run :).

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