Starbucks Set To Start iPhone Payment In All Locations (video)

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3 Comments to Starbucks Set To Start iPhone Payment In All Locations (video)

  1. jolysnowman

    “All you need to do is purchase a gift card and register it online and then download their Starbucks iPhone app. With phone in hand, you head on to Starbucks and pass that phone over a custom scanner. Voila, payment made.” that is indeed very easy, And I want to ask a question,Capital flows on the phone, safe?
    More info about iPhone apps:

    • That seems a lot of time wasted vs just the 5 seconds it takes to swipe your debit card. Seems a cool geeky thing to say you could do it but doesn't seem too practical. Maybe if it would save them money instead of paying Visa to use credit cards if that savings can be passed over to the customer but I doubt it

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