Well I sure hope this invention gets used for good. No need for remote controlled purse-snatching superdogs roaming the streets out there, and no need for poorly trained dog operators mistaking left for right because of lack of coffee, and leading dogs to take a misguided step off the nearest ravine.

This doggie backpack was though up and patched together at Auburn University, and it lets humans control dogs from literally miles away, using GPS coordonates. Kind of like a computer game without the jump button, since this only comes with vibrating side panels for telling your very well trained canine companion to go left or right.

Now I’m thinking this has the potential to either improve dog-human relationships a whole lot, or throw them down the nearest drain. It depends on how dogs feel about becoming Xbox replacements.

From the point of view of advantages, dogs get to move a lot faster if they don’t have to wait for a human, would track things faster and get over obstacles with more ease, and the three-four mile limit of the device means the human controller could even follow at a distance from a vehicle.

Add headphones to give the dog commands, a camera so you can see what he sees, and the system is complete. And maybe dogs can use the vibrator pads for massage when off duty.