Update: Checkout our Razer Ferox review.

When Razer released the Mako speakers nearly two years ago, most were skeptical about the gaming peripheral maker’s entry into high quality audio. I got the chance to review it way back when, and they are still the best 2.1 speaker system I’ve ever tested…for under $400. I still use them today for all my musical and gaming needs.

This morning, the company announced the Ferox, which was absent at CES. This is a portable 2.0 stereo speaker set offering the same omni-directional audio as the Makos, but in a much smaller size. As you can see in the image above, the speaker itself is on the top, while the bottom helps generate true bass and is intended to keep sound flowing fluidly. Razer has yet to give dimensions for size, instead only saying they’ll last 12 hours of continuous use. Depending on their size, they may be well worth lugging along. The last few months I’ve been carrying a mouse, headphones and keyboard on trips (thanks to a half-decent laptop), so if the size is right, I could see myself bringing a decent set of speakers.

Razer plans to release the Ferox this month, so anytime this week or early next week.

James Pikover

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