Planon’s new credit-card sized hand scanner isn’t a mini-solution for manually charging credit cards, as there are quite a few of those already on the market, but a way of scanning credit card receipts in order to more easily keep track of your spending.

I mean, receipts are only paper, and low-grade crumply paper at that, so they’re not the most resilient medium for stocking information. But the SlimScan SS100 is anything but crumply. The stainless steel device scans receipts in high resolution color, using a Windows program by the name of PaperPort SE. It’s used by way of an LCD screen and three buttons, so the scanning interface should be pretty painless.

Costing $119.99, the SS100 doesn’t play with just receipts, and it could theoretically be used for business cards, price labels or warranties, and maybe even other things.