Cyclocomputer running on Android. That sounds like some sort of doomsday machine, which would be nice for a change, I guess. Instead, it’s a humble bike computer/meter, though – when you take into account that not all bike computers run Android, it doesn’t seem so humble anymore.

From this day forth, cyclocomputers with numerical displays will have to hide their heads in shame, because this bad boy does graphics and app integration on top of whatever else cyclocomputers do. And no, they don’t destroy worlds, I goggled that.

“This device is mainly for road bikes and other sports bikes. It can calculate speed, cadence, heart rate, and power. This cyclocomputer supports the ANT+ wireless specification. In addition, Pioneer has now developed a sensor for attachment to the crank, called a pedaling monitor. This measures the force on the crank, so users can train while looking at the force vectors for their left and right feet.”

What more do you want to know? This is approximately the amount of gadgetry found on your average 1950′s submarine, at home on your bike. You’re lucky if you don’t get in an accident while trying to make sense of all the data on display.

“Because this cyclocomputer has GPS, we think navigation will be a key feature. Pioneer offers a variety of navigation capabilities, so we’d like to add applications that include those kinds of technology. Also, this device is designed for bicycles only, but we think the platform itself could have a diverse range of applications.”

So they’re thinking of putting it in 2010 submarines. Good luck with that Pioneer, and may I suggest looking into the sub fleets of third world countries..