Parallels Rips VMWare A New One In Virtualization

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4 Comments to Parallels Rips VMWare A New One In Virtualization

  1. Funny, I didn't think this was news. VMware = slow and costly. No surprise that Parallels beats them on Mac. On servers, my company is now deploying hyper-v (we were using vmware but the $$$ is too much) and we've found hv running circles around vmware.

  2. proud paralles desktop 5&6 owner, this program is great, im able to watch live tv using a windows-only tv tuner and windows media player in windows 7, the quality is in HDTV. games also run smoothly and so does MS office. i have saved money, since i bought PD5 from apple in black friday 09, saved $20, i saved $45 from black friday 10' when i bought PD6 directly from Nova. I 100% recommend this program.

  3. Someone want to actually tell Mactech Labs that they should LABEL their graphs? I should not have to hunt through that report if I want to see how their test results relate back to my situation. Someone over there needs to invest in the book Slideology and read the chapter on displaying data.

    Other than my annoyance with the display of the information, it does appear to be a very insightful report, but not enough to convert me from VMWare over Parallels today. The added performance that Parallels boasts doesn't justify the cost and time converting for the small use I currently have.

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