Do you see that chart? That’s the blood, sweat and tears of thousands of slaves running a battery of 4,000+ tests to determine just one, almost insignificant fact: which is faster, Parallels or VMWare?

Well, Mac owners, you are in luck. After running through at least 50 interns (with a mortality rate of 98%), MacTech Labs has released their findings. Parallels, in the overwhelming majority of tests, beats VMWare, utterly annihilating it overall. MacTech did a thorough, and I mean thorough study to determine just how fast, which you can read in gory detail if you so choose. Considering they’re the same exact price, and considering the hordes of proof that MacTech is enslaving it’s poor, unsuspecting readers, there’s no reason to even consider the alternative.

Unless you’re a Boot Camp kind-of-guy.

Mactech Labs

James Pikover

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