Rating: ★★★★☆


  • Fully charges the iPhone 4
  • Buttons work well
  • Decent aesthetic


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Pricey at $99.99
  • Case shows smudges easily

Mophie must have taken my last review to heart.  Not more than a few months later, they’ve released the Juice Pack Plus for the iPhone 4 and I can easily say that it was the right thing to do.  Now packing a 2,000 mAh battery, it finally recharges the iPhone in full.  They also eliminated some of the design flaws found in the first iteration, such as the deep groove that resided over the power button.  There is now a flush button that resides atop the power button that makes using it a snap.  This same design change also applies to the volume buttons.  Where there was once an open hole in the case, there’s now a pair of buttons (+/-) that sit flush on the case and respond quickly and gently to the touch.  There is still the exposed port for the volume/vibrate switch, but it’s large enough, making it easy to toggle.

Beyond that, the silver band that was wrapped around the body of the Juice Pack has changed to a gun metal black color, and the case itself is just a tad different from the dry matte finish of the band.  Other than that, the design hasn’t changed much.  However, the matte finish of the body is still rather smudgy and the whole case adds a fair amount of bulk and weight to your precious iPhone 4.  The on/off switch and USB input are still situated in the bottom left and right hand corners, and the LED display is at the bottom of the case.

The battery power is easily the most redeeming aspect of the Juick Pack Plus.  Without a doubt, it fully charges the iPhone 4.  The 2,000 mAh battery finally “packs” the punch it should and makes the Juice Pack Plus worthy of your attention.   On the day-to-day, the case was too heavy for me to use, but I liked having it laying around fully charged, especially when occasionally travelling and in need of a charge.

At a price of $99.99, some might be deterred given all the other options available on the market today, but the Juice Pack Plus is a solid contender if you’re looking for a charging experience without the hassle of wires.  However, the case could use a visit from Jenny Craig, but other than that I found it to perform as advertised (unlike the other one), and its aesthetic is complimentary to the beauty of the iPhone 4.

Amazon has the Juice Pack Plus for $99.99.

Jeff B