Lockheed Martin is making a case for the iPhone? Never thought I’d see the day when the legendary American military tech company would get into the iOS aftermarket add-on business. I never even thought about never seeing the day. The thought of never seeing never crossed my mind, that’s how shocking this is.

A ginourmous case that has the looks of a tank and the heft of a battlecruiser, the MONAX lets you gain access to the military’s own 3G network, which spans the globe with infrastructure all the way up to dedicated satellites. Well, not you – you, but you the soldier who will be given access to the MONAX.

Lockheed’s attention was drawn by most calls in Iraq “happening over commercial cell phones, not military radios.” So an iPhone is more usable than a military radio? Who’d have thought.

Is the MONAX going to be the most expensive iPhone case? I don’t know for sure, but at $1000 it’s got a good shot at the title.