If you’re into diving you’ve probably heard of Liquid Image. Thier line-up of underwater goggles comes equipped with video cameras for every model.

Having gotten sick of all that wet stuff, Liquid Image now wants a piece of the action happening on land, and they’re releasing a new set of goggles for practicioners of off-road adventures of all kinds.

Coming in black and red colors, the goggles are part of the Impact series and offer a 136 degree field of view. The camera is placed above the nose area, and records 1080p video at 30fps, or 60fps for slow-motion when you take the resolution down to 720p.

It’s not quite clear to me how you make it shoot stills, probably with a remote button, but they clock in at 12MP, and the camera goggles come with a 4GB microSD card for storing video and photos, with its slot being able to accomodate card up to 32GB.

Right now, no price or launch date.